Patricia Tish Conlin, HBN, RHN

President and Health2Success Coach

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Patricia Conlin attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with an Honor’s degree. Patricia founded Global Consulting Group Inc. (GCG) in 1991 with a vision of creating a company that can provide a superior service in Recruitment Solutions. With a list of loyal clients ranging from large corporations to small innovators, she consistently delivers quality results for each client. Patricia brings passion, strategic focus and professionalism to each project. The number of client testimonials, and long‐term GCG clients, confirm Patricia’s success as an outstanding leader, mentor, and enduring business professional.

Patricia also heads up Global Consulting Workplace Wellness Solutions division, and is passionate about the improving health to achieve maximum success. She is an energetic and engaging public speaker on Boosting your Health and Productivity with the Power of Nutrition. Patricia spent the past few years completing a program to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to help others achieve their highest health potential. She has written a book on Healthy Living called ABCs of Food.

Patricia speaks French, German and some Spanish. She was the first women in Canada to earn a Black Belt ranking in the Martial Art of Shoot Wrestling, awarded after 10 years of dedicated training and competition. She was selected in 1992 to be a part of the Canadian Olympic Team going to Barcelona as an Administrator and to represent Canada as part of an International contingent assisting youth development through UNESCO in Russia. She plays competitive soccer and is an active member of her community. She has two boys and is a dedicated mother.

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Get Patricia's book