Applicant Tracking Systems Allow Recruiters to Focus on What They Do Best


An important step of integrating technology into a human lead recruitment process is the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS software has been around for many years and, there are several horror stories from the initial years that cloud its reputation. Candidates don’t want to be judged on keywords in their résumés, hiring managers want an intuitive tool and recruiters don’t want to be bogged down in the administrative duties of operating the technology.

The technology selected should allow recruiters to concentrate on what they do best: get to know their candidates and be strategic business partners. When companies are implementing their ATS systems, they need to look to the future. Insight into human relationships is the key to locating and retaining top talent.

While your ATS vendor is an expert on how their platform operates, they are not responsible for connecting the elements that create your recruiting methodology. If the ATS implementation doesn’t go well, what could have been an incredibly useful tool will be ignored because of bad experiences with technology. The goal is for the ATS to make recruitment quicker, simpler, and more effective. Technology is the future of most industries, and in recruitment, it starts with getting your process right, so that it can inform the design and functionality of your ATS. Global Consulting Group can help. If you are considering implementing a new Talent Management or ATS or want to consider replacing an old one, feel free to reach out to me for a checklist or consultation to make the process go more smoothly at