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Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (“RPO”) Staffing Solutions are a collaboration between you, our client, and our highly trained GCG team and include a total or partial outsource of your recruitment function. Our recruiting and staffing professionals work closely with you to identify your staffing needs and develop a customized strategy for talent acquisition and management.

As your RPO partner we will place key personnel with extensive experience into a variety of key areas including; Technology, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Executive and Operations.

Benefits of Using an RPO Partner

  • higher quality candidates and hires due to experience and methodology

  • reduced hiring cost as paying a portion of the cost for a team and tools

  • faster hiring due to a team of recruiters and multiple tools

  • saving internal manager time by only seeing the top candidates

  • accessing more viable candidates due to recruiting team connections and databases

  • better tracking and reporting so hiring gets done faster

  • easily decrease or increase hiring costs based on operational needs and business cycles

Equipped with current market knowledge and our proprietary recruitment process, our focus is to deliver "A" level candidates to you quickly and professionally. Our comprehensive hiring process delivers results-oriented team players, who will make an immediate contribution to your organization's success. We have placed over 3,500 candidates across industries including Technology, Real Estate, Engineering, Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare and the Non-Profit sector.

Our RPO success stems from our practice of building winning teams one player at a time. Navigating the world of human capital is a challenge for any sized business, and we know the secrets to minimize costly hiring mistakes and maximize your greatest asset: talent. It is not enough to simply fill a position, you need to define your long-term goals and retain top talent.

The strategic benefit of using an RPO partner is to extend talent acquisition beyond the existing channels like job boards or social media marketing through a strong sourcing, interviewing and on-boarding approach. This results in better quality candidates and will give your organization unique capabilities and a competitive edge in your industry. We are committed to helping you build a team that will drive performance and take your company to the next level of success.

With regular on-site visits, measured monthly results and an alignment with your core culture and values, our team will be seen less as vendor and more as part of your own highly valued and respected team. We are unmatched in our unique approach to personalized service that sets the highest standard for staffing solutions in the industry.

We don't just find great hires, we find great people who will make the difference in your organization's success and future growth.


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