Outplacement 2.0


Over the last 10 years, Global Consulting Group has worked hard to perfect our outplacement services. We have tweaked our programs and modernized our coaching approach to align with today’s rapidly evolving job market. The result: Outplacement Re-Imagined…

The organizations we support with outplacement services have asked for more help for their employees who were impacted by restructuring and we have delivered!

  1. Organizations asked for a more focused and hands-on approach to outplacement with more extensive one-on-one coaching offered to their departing staff members.

    GCG delivered by providing clients with a dedicated Coach who walks them through each step of their career transition from self-assessment through to career decisions, resume and LinkedIn profile creation and hands-on interview coaching.

  2. Organizations asked us to care (really care) about their employees.

    GCG delivered by providing a holistic approach to outplacement. Our clients receive a wellness consult with our certified Nutritionist and Emotional Intelligence Coach. From stress management to nutrition and exercise advice, we have wellness covered.

  3. Organizations asked us to provide a truly results-focused approach to outplacement.

    GCG delivered with career coaches who also have a strong recruitment background. These coaches fully understand today’s job market and ensure that clients’ LinkedIn profiles are search engine optimized, client’s interview skills resonate with recruiters, and clients are able to negotiate a new offer like a pro.

  4. Organizations asked us to ensure that their employees know the W-5’s of networking (the best tactic for job search).

    GCG delivered with coaches who have their fingers on the pulse of local job markets. With access to pertinent networking groups, professional associations and 1,000’s of LinkedIn contacts, our coaches help their clients connect with the network that can advance their search.

It’s time for your organization to try a new brand of outplacement: Outplacement 2.0

We are certain that you will not be disappointed…