Restructuring Advice for Managers + Employees


Growth, renewed health, increased energy, and new beginnings: these are things we consider when we think of the spring season…

We understand how difficult it is for organizations to restructure, yet, how important it is to treat departing employees with dignity, respect, and the provision of career transition assistance. Our Career Transition programs offer a customized and holistic approach, addressing employee health and emotional wellness, coupled with one-on-one coaching to develop the skills needed for a successful career transition.

We believe that everyone can have a spring-time within their careers. A time when one difficult season ends, and a new, positive and promising, season presents itself. We would like to be part of your employees’ “new spring” should they be facing a job loss. Here are a few tips...


  • Employees value full disclosure: communicate to employees who are impacted by restructuring that this is a business decision and the downsizing is not a reflection of their performance.

  • The news of job loss is often a shock. Give employees a chance to digest the information and invite them to call the HR team with any questions in the future. Present an “open door” where questions are answered in a timely manner.

  • Offer a positive reference as well as a recommendation on LinkedIn where merited. Write genuinely and honestly about the employee’s positive attributes and significant achievements. Offer to provide a verbal reference if needed.


  • Take a breath and consider your next move carefully before proceeding with your job search. We coach our clients to conduct a thorough self-assessment, determining their short & long-term career goals, personal strengths, previous achievements, and desired work preferences. We provide a host of exercises to ensure that the next career move will satisfy a job seeker’s goals and will be a true reflection of their skills and interests.

  • Create exceptional personal marketing material. We know that our clients have only one chance to make a positive impression; hence, we coach clients to create high-impact resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and personal communication materials that get results. We employ a certified LinkedIn Profile Writer who will ensure that your personal profile is key word rich, appealing to prospective employers and optimizes your views.

  • Utilize all tactics necessary for a successful search: recruitment firms, on-line job boards, social media and good old-fashioned networking. It is no secret that people hire people whom they know; hence, we encourage career transition clients to network in their communities, in professional associations, and with contacts at desired companies.

  • Interviewing is an art as well as a science. Practice is essential and we provide mock interview coaching to ensure that a job seeker knows which questions they may be asked and is fully prepared to give an impressive response.

  • To quote Winston Churchill: “Never, Never, Never Give Up!”. Our one-on-one coaching ensures that job seekers stay motivated throughout their search. A “no” simply means that you are getting closer to a “yes” in your search journey.

The decision to restructure a company is never easy, nor should it be. Our team at Global Consulting Group strives to make this process as humane as possible. We have a proven track record in enabling job seekers to make the most of their situation: turning a difficult decision into one that offers them wonderful new beginnings…