How my Career Transition Coach helped me through a rough time in my life...


A common story from the transitioned professionals we coach:

They say that most people are expecting to hear about their job loss before it happens. Well, this wasn’t the case for me. I was caught like a deer in the headlights when my manager called me into the boardroom along with our HR Rep. They mentioned that the company had been having some financial difficulties and my position was being eliminated. I don’t think that I heard very much of the conversation after that point and to be honest, I was in shock.

When I got home and reviewed the paperwork from the company, I was grateful for the severance package and curious about an addition to the financial payments: my career transition program. This program would help me to take the next steps in my career and my life.

I am so glad that I started my career transition program within a few days of leaving my former employer. They were so understanding of my emotional state (which was frankly quite confused at the time), and, as both Recruiters and Career Coaches themselves, they really understood the job market. My Coach walked me through the steps needed to create my personal “brand”: a great resume, LinkedIn profile, personal accomplishment statements, and 30-second intro. They also gave me the resources and confidence to navigate networking and interviewing situations. I really appreciated their referrals to industry professionals who could help me and their availability to answer any questions I had throughout my career journey.

A nice touch was a chance to meet with Patricia Conlin, Global’s President, and a Certified Coach and Nutritionist. We had a wellness consult where she advised me on my diet, exercise and stress management. I have been following her recommendations and feel healthier and stronger already and less stressed about my job search.

I am glad to say that I no longer need help from Global Consulting Group on my career journey as I have reached the end of this trip. I accepted a great new role with a fast-growing company and here’s a bonus: it’s close to home and I got a raise in compensation.

Don’t take my word for it. If you are offered a chance to take a career transition package through GCG, do it! You will make a smoother, quicker and more positive transition to the next stage in your career and your life!