Outplacement Stories: From Sadness to Success

Both Human Resources Professionals and their transitioning employees are often unaware of the benefits of outplacement programs and indeed, may be confused by the nature of these services.  As Outplacement Professionals and Career Coaches, we act as a “Personal Trainer” for an employee’s career, coaching them on each step they need to take to move to career success. This may involve working with an individual to regain confidence, or building a highly professional personal marketing approach encompassing a powerful resume and market-ready LinkedIn profile.

Once an employee has received emotional support, coaching, industry contacts, interview skills, and marketing expertise from their Career Coach, they can then truly understand why it is much better to undertake a career transition journey with the hands-on assistance of an outplacement program.

Global Consulting Group’s programs are unique as we are a boutique career coaching firm and we take the time to meet over many hours with our clients. We offer Health & Wellness coaching as well as traditional career assistance. Our Career Coaches have >15 years’ experience assisting transitioning employees from nearly every industry from Technology to CPG, Financial Services, Government and many more. We work closely with our clients, helping them craft a resume that truly speaks to employers and sharing our knowledge of current job market trends and challenges.

As Outplacement and Career Coaches, it is our job to take our clients from “sadness to success”. Acknowledging the loss they feel when leaving their previous jobs, yet helping them focus on the future rather than the past. We help people build confidence by articulating their achievements, developing strong interview responses, and creating innovative marketing material that reflects the unique attributes they can offer today’s job market.

We have helped many clients overcome search challenges and we would like to share some personal stories from our clients as we believe that individual stories tell more than numbers and statistics:

Story 1: From Sadness to Success
JY is a CPG Industrial Engineer, who found herself quite lost after losing her first job. She needed guidance to determine the right direction in which to take her career and to rebuild her confidence after working so hard at her first place of employment. She worked extensively with her coach and had this to say:

My Career Coach has been tremendous help throughout the whole process. I went from not sure what career path to take, to narrowing down my job search while staying flexible. After figuring out which direction to take, she provided me with many networks in my field of interest. She was also very helpful in sharpening my resume, explaining what to put where based on her in-depth recruiting experience. On top of her expertise, she is just a ball of energy! It has been a pleasure working with Linda!

Story 2: From Sadness to Success
LP came from another end of the career spectrum. A seasoned IT Project Manager with almost 20 years at her most recent role, she was feeling lost after leaving a long-term role and entering the job market for the first time in almost two decades. She had a great success story to share with us:

I would like to take the time to highlight the exceptional support and guidance that I received from you and your team. All your tips around the benefits of networking, books and blogs to read were valuable and gave me additional resources to assist me in reaching my goals.

Story 3: From Sadness to Success
LV had a unique challenge, as a Senior Sales Manager from a declining industry, he needed to re-invent himself and identify transferable skills to attract employers in completely different industries. He had this to say:

As expected, the job that I found was not posted.  The key for me was understanding my value and ensuring a consistent message across all forms of communication (resume, LinkedIn, interviews and recommendations /references). It took me almost three months from the first meeting/interview until I received the offer letter. I met with three different senior leadership members over 5 meetings/interviews and a few phone calls. I would like to say a special thank you to my Career Coach, she is very good at what she does.  

Story 4: From Sadness to Success
CB was a senior executive who wanted to make a move to a more flexible career, perhaps in contracting. She had multiple opportunities and career paths to consider and working with a coach helped her determine the right career direction to meet her needs. She had this to say to us:

I wanted to let you know that I will be starting a 12-month contract as an HRBP.  I have the week off next week and then I am scheduled to attend course the last week of April, so I have some time to prepare myself for the transition back to work on May 1st.  
I really appreciated your guidance last week when I was considering the offer, and of course your wise counsel over these past few months.  You provided great support and confidence boosts when needed, and the job search process has been much more enjoyable/less difficult with you as a coach.  
Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter long weekend!

As Career Coaches at Global Consulting Group, it has been our greatest pleasure to take our clients on the journey from sadness to success. When our clients succeed in making a positive career transition, we share in their happiness.  It has been our pleasure to help many people take successful career journeys and we look forward to doing the same for many years to come!