This six-session coaching program takes you to your next level of health & success.

Join us to help reach your true potential.

GCG is a Canadian firm that offers customized programs.

We believe that it is smart business to work from a position of prevention for health strategies. We educate our clients on important ways to optimize their staff’s health and prevent days lost to illness and the resulting medical claims. Our programs are geared to create a successful outcome for all who participate.

Our Coaches are all Wellness Professionals

Our consultants are trained and offer their in-depth experience and education in Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, and other key areas of Wellness. We understand the pressure companies face in a global economy and know how to maximize the benefit of Wellness for each and every participant.

The GCG program is unique as we address the issues of the whole person.

Not only do we assist with the nuts and bolts of diet, exercise, and stress management, but also we assist clients to feel better about themselves through our unique workshops and supportive peer based programs. We offer assistance with nutrition, mental and emotional wellbeing, and lifestyle & exercise advice in a “user-friendly” format that allows everyone to feel good about participating.

Most importantly, GCG understands the importance of the human touch.

While traditional Wellness companies rely on web-based programs, we understand that clients need one-on-one coaching. Our program includes on-site work-shops and education programs for up to a 14 month time period.