Since our launch in 1991, we have acquired a solid group of clients – key organiations, both large and small, with whom we have a proven track record of successful placements and engagements.  Our clients know that we are committed and dedicated to achieving their strategic goals and building lasting partnerships.

Our services include:

Strategic Recruitment
Executive Search
Contract Resourcing
Workplace Wellness
Outplacement, Transition, and Career Coaching
HR Consulting
At GCG, we are committed to our clients and candidates, enthusiastic about our work, consistent in producing results and driven to match jobs with the best talent available. Our goal is to bring together the best clients and the best candidates allowing for the highest degree of job fulfillment and corporate development.

“Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding and experience. Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind. Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to use by people with all the other qualities.“
Dee Hock

Executive Biographies

Patricia Conlin – President

Patricia Conlin attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with an Honor’s degree. Patricia founded Global Consulting Group Inc. (GCG) in 1991 with a vision of creating a company that can provide a superior service in Recruitment Solutions. With a list of loyal clients ranging from large corporations to small innovators, she consistently delivers quality results for each client. Patricia brings passion, strategic focus and professionalism to each project. The number of client testimonials, and long‐term GCG clients, confirm Patricia’s success as an outstanding leader, mentor, and enduring business professional.

Patricia also heads up Global Consulting Workplace Wellness Solutions division, and is passionate about the improving health to achieve maximum success. She is an energetic and engaging public speaker on Boosting your Health and Productivity with the Power of Nutrition. Patricia spent the past few years completing a program to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to help others achieve their highest health potential. She has recently written a book on Healthy Living that will be published in summer 2014.

Patricia speaks French, German and some Spanish. She was the first women in Canada to earn a Black Belt ranking in the Martial Art of Shoot Wrestling, awarded after 10 years of dedicated training and competition. She was selected in 1992 to be a part of the Canadian Olympic Team going to Barcelona as an Administrator and to represent Canada as part of an International contingent assisting youth development through UNESCO in Russia. She plays competitive soccer and is an active member of her community. She has two boys and is a dedicated mother.

Chris Henry – Executive Director, Technology, Cyber Security and Cloud

Chris is Head of CxO Interim, Consulting and Placements and chris-henry assists executives and boards of organizations looking for the next CIO, CTO, CSO, CISO and CDO leader to help them achieve their strategy.

As a practicing consultant, Chris simplifies technology, cyber security and innovation for organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity.  In the first 25 years of his professional career he gained experience in hospitality and tourism, omni-channel retail, mixed-use real estate, not-for-profit and professional services organizations including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Grant Thornton, The Terry Fox Foundation, The Friends of Fort York and TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.

In support of Canadian Men’s Fashion, as Director of DX “Digital Experiences” for TOM* Fashion Week and TOM* Magazine he leads the teams designing and executing campaigns across multiple websites (incl. WordPress), marketing engagement, ticketing and social/digital media systems.  As CIO of Grant Thornton in Canada, Chris supported firm growth by strengthening the core technologies and IT team capabilities.  This included investing in new innovative solutions (ie. Workday, SharePoint, Unified Communications) and by adding IT security, project management and procurement disciplines to the team. Working hand-in-hand with his fellow human resources, operations and marketing stakeholders, he also led the evolution and development of the Intranet-Extranet-Internet ecosystem creating a collaborative digital platform supporting productivity and client delivery across the country. At Four Seasons he led the establishment of the first global technology shared services group who supported the secure delivery and operation of mission critical corporate and hotel systems including the global reservations and guest history system, financial consolidation system, website, extranet, intranet, call center and global distribution systems.

Chris is a gregarious commentator, collaborator and connector as a guest blogger and thought leader online and speaker and host of industry conferences as well as the Connected Circle Live Show! featuring professional experts sharing their insights and passion on how they help others excel at work and life.

Chris donates 10% of his time to social and community causes including the Terry Fox Run to find a cure for all cancers, the Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common to promote the heritage and culture of the Fort and its programs and TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week to promote Canadian men’s fashion, designers and models.

Linda Smith – Director, Career Coaching

Linda has been fascinated by careers and the path people take to personal fulfillment in their work for her entire life.  She commenced her career as a professional Recruitment Consultant where she assisted some of Canada’s fastest growing companies such as GE, SAP/Triversity and Motorola to attract and retain top talent. Along the way, she learned numerous tricks of career success in writing impactful resumes, conducting winning interviews, and implementing effective job search strategies.  She continued her career as a Career Coach where she was able to share career management insights with hundreds of successful job seekers. Her clients come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries, and range from students and professionals through to senior executives. After over 15 years of helping people find their way, Linda remains passionate about assisting individuals in career transition to optimize their career satisfaction.

Her academic qualifications include completion of an Honours Business Administration (HBA) degree from the University of Western Ontario, Ivey School of Business, as well as completion of diverse courses in resume writing, career coaching and interviewing.  Her work experience spans two decades with a common focus on results-based career coaching that ensures her clients attain highly satisfying roles within their desired time-lines.  She has provided consulting services to leaders in the Career Transition field including DBM/LHH, Workopolis, and CPI Hazell & Associates, as well as working on her own to assist companies and individuals in career transition situations.  Linda has spoken to groups of job seekers at York University, the Markham Small Business Centre, and DBM with audiences including students, new Canadians, IT Professionals and executives.  Her network is extensive and she can call upon experts in many fields to attain esoteric industry advice or terminology to benefit her clients.

Linda’s clients respond that her resumes have helped them open doors and successfully attain desired new positions.  They have been grateful for her advice in developing strong career search strategies, interview skills, and self-motivation tactics.  Many clients have found that their time to locate new work and their success in landing in a desirable new position have been greatly enhanced due to the advice, guidance, and enthusiasm that Linda has provided.

Steve Cooper – Client Engagement Manager

1Steve graduated from McMaster University with a dual major (B.Comm: Marketing, Psychology) and has since continued his education in communication, leadership, usability and software design. Steve is a passionate and creative individual with a broad range of business experience covering senior roles in sales and marketing, project management and customer experience strategies and design.

Steve pursues process excellence and has worked with GCG clients in the Technology, Healthcare and Finance sectors such as VISA, BCE Emergis and Cancer Care Ontario. He also supports our Career Coaching and HR Consulting team in client productivity, growth and retention strategies.

His career in web project management started with Scotiabank in 1997 as the first full-time manager of their public website. Other progressive positions followed, focusing on web-based financial applications for banks and debit and credit card companies. His work with start-ups provided a broad perspective in a variety of ventures including technology, real estate, software and website development.

Two years as a mentor to small businesses helped hone his skills in consulting. Sales experience spanned bank services, personal and group insurance, business contact databases as well as office equipment where he won a company-wide sales contest. Marketing experience includes consulting for many companies in a variety of fields such as technology, online marketing, education, healthcare and strategic business growth. He has created dramatic growth for clients using online marketing strategies.

Personal passions embrace innovation, inventing new products, playing competitive hockey, music and courses in leadership, coaching and communication.




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