Sayandeep Saha

HR & Recruitment Specialist

+1 (437) 994-7936

Sayandeep Saha is a triple Master Degree Holder with a Masters in Commerce, Masters in Business Administration from India and a Masters Degree in International Business Development from Italy. He also has a diploma in International Business Management from Centennial College, Toronto. Sayandeep has international experience that includes working as an Human Resources Consultant, Staffing QA Auditor and roles in Accounting and Finance.

Sayandeep comes to GCG with a strong education as well as practical hands-on industry experience for his role as a Human Resource and Recruitment Specialist.

His current responsibilities at GCG include assisting Client Engagement Managers, Executive Director of Technology and President in internal and external company projects, recruitment processes, candidate screening and behavioural interviewing. He is also responsible for job postings and keeping the client database up to date to ensure the correct candidates are connected to the correct clients. His passion for HR and people allows him to contribute to other client projects in Corporate Wellness, Leadership development, Outplacement and Training.

Sayandeep is a compassionate and caring leader who is always looking to meet new people and broaden his knowledge and wisdom. In his free time, he loves to cook and is a member of Make a Wish Foundation, an International NGO who works for fulfilling the wishes of those children who are unfortunately in their last stages of their lives. His passion for cooking and trying different cuisines and restaurants are his favourite pastime. He is also an informal consultant and deals with issues like child and teenager mental health and career counselling.