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At GCG we are committed to making your job search go as smoothly as possible.  We respect your time and try to match your skills and experience to our diverse group of clients where we know you can make a strong contribution.  We treat each person on an individual basis and understand the need for sensitivity and confidentiality in each situation. GCG has a history of strong and enduring candidate relationships.

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Professional and Executive Branding, Image and Job Pursuit Services

Your brand and image need to communicate who you are to an employer and what makes you different.  We offer services to help you tune your written, digital and visual brand and image so you stand out to employers during your job pursuit.  Candidates with a strong image and brand get more attention from hiring managers and enjoy a higher level of success in their search.

LinkedIn and Social Media

Your LinkedIn and other social media channels will most likely be your first and most important chance to “get your foot in the door” with a prospective employer.  Are they attractive, organized and concise?  Do they reflect your career accomplishments, direction and best self?  Our skilled writers, photographers and image strategists will make you stand out from the crowd.


It is crucial that your resume effectively presents your skills, achievements, and career objectives in the most polished, professional, and high-impact manner in two to three pages.  Is your resume up to par?  Each of our Resume Strategists have over 15 years’ experience creating attractive and effective resumes for hundreds of job seekers at all levels from diverse industries. They understand the importance of clear, concise communication, and the inclusion of industry-specific keywords.

Job Targeting

Are you easily finding the job you are looking for?  Our team of seasoned recruiters can teach you advanced search techniques to quickly identify relevant jobs to apply for.


Do you know the right people at the company you want to work for?  We do. We'd be pleased to introduce you.

Promotion + Support

Do you have time to find the right job to take your career to the next level?  Let us do the heavy lifting of promoting you in the market and into the companies you want to work for. 

Personal Image and Style

Does your professional look and clothing match your personality, style and career?  Our savvy personal image and style professional will tune your look, colours and wardrobe to help you live your potential at work and play.

Professional PhotographY + Videography

Do your social media channels have an updated professional photograph and/or video biography?  Our talented team will make you look your best online.

Professional and Executive Peak Potential Services

Executive Coaching

Have you reached your peak potential?  Our accomplished executive coaches have helped professionals break through to new heights in their career and lives.

PROJECTION and Persuasion

Are you aware of how other people perceive you and your message when you are communicating with them?  With our coach's assistance, you will achieve a new balance of clarity and influence in your communication.

Public Speaking

Are you comfortable speaking in small, medium and large meetings and gatherings? We will help you build your confidence and ability to deliver your message with purpose and impact.

Nutritional Assessments

Is the what you eat giving you the energy you need to get through the day? Our expert nutritionists would be pleased to meet with you in person or via Skype to assess your nutrition and how you can use it to energize yourself for success.



Transformational Health and Success for Professionals and Executives

Boost your performance and engagement to reach your true potential. Designed for Professionals and Executives, by Professionals and Executives. This six-session coaching program will take you to your next level of health and success!

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Energize yourself with Wellness!

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